These sweet treat scented erasers are so fun!  Three options available, chose from the following:



Erase pencil mistakes with cute pencil erasers that look like popsicles. The Icy Pops Puzzle Erasers are 4 popsicle shaped erasers that you can mix and match and create all sorts of cute pencil eraser color combinations. Fruit scented.


Dainty Donuts: 

Erase in style with Dainty Donuts Pencil Erasers. This cute eraser set comes with half a dozen donut erasers that will make your pencil made mistakes disappear in a sweet looking way. Vanilla scented.


Petite Sweets Ice Cream:

These Petite Sweets Ice Cream Shoppe Scented Erasers are the perfect companion for writing. Melt your unwanted pencil mistakes away with fun vanilla scented ice cream-shaped erasers.



Sweet Treat Scented Erasers

  • Small pieces, only suitable for children 6 years of age and up.