New nano size animal heads make great gifts that are sized for mailing. So small they fit anywhere - or combine into groups for an intriguing display. The eco friendly cardboard is easily painted or embellished with markers, glitter or other craft materials to personalize and make your own. Nano animal heads mail flat with a .55 cent stamp. Assemble from flat to 3D in minutes.

Made from environmentally friendly SFI certified sourcing cardboard.


Take your pick:
Deer 2.5 X 3"

Moose 3.25 X 4" 

Elephant 2.75 X 3"  

Unicorn 3 X 1.50"

Lion 2 X 2.25"

Bear2.25 X 2 X 2.5"


  • Carboard Safari is a Charlottesville-based company. 
  • Our cardboard animal heads are laser cut for a precision fit and is easy to assemble using slotted construction.
  • All animal heads are packed flat for shipping and include detailed instructions.
  • One animal head per package.
  • Made from environmentally friendly SFI certified sourcing cardboard.
  • All products are manufactured in Charlottesville, VA USA by the Cardboard Safari crew.
  • WARNING:Cardboard is flammable, keep away from open flames and hot lights. Cardboard edges are sharp, handle with care. Small pieces.

Cardboard Safari | Nano Cardboard Animal Head Mounts

Type of Animal
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